Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chapter 15. XD

I heistated for a moment. Should I leave follow him, and leave his car sitting here on the side of the road? I looked down at my sterling silver watch. 10:46 greeted me. Only fourteen minutes until the state legislated curfew. He was still standing there. His head just peaking over the wooden fence. The question smacked me in the face again. Follow him or not.
I walked over to the drivers side in the car. With my hand clenching the gearshift, I knew this was the smart decision. I put my hand to the keys. I held on tightly to their small plastic grip. I looked over to where Ryland's, now confused, face was. I pulled the keys out of the ignition and ran out of the car. I clicked the lock twice and shoved the keys into my pocket. We only young once, so what's the fun of being safe? I ran over to the fence. My, or Emilee's, five inch studded heels were not working for this adventure. I thought would she ever miss them? Yes, but the heat of the moment persuades me other wise. I kick off the heels and ran and jumpped what seemed to be a high fence. On the other side I feel smack. Where am I?
I open my mouth to ask, but chlorine tainted water fills my mouth. I move my hands back and forth, and realize where I actually am. I'm under water, in a pool, and need to come to the surface before my lungs burst. I pop my head up and suck in a huge amount of air. Breathe in and out. I almost had to remind myself there. I'm wondering where Ryland is now? Why am I in this pool if he isn't? I look to see him sitting on a rock. With his knee's crossed. Laughing. Isn't that wonderful? I can feel the apples of my cheek burning a bright shade of red, but it's dark in this mysterious back yard. I looked up. Nothing in sight. I can only see tennis courts in the distance. And a georgeous building. I look farther and see gardens. "Shit." I thought to myself. Ryland for sure jumped the fence of a country club. I'm basically sitting here in the cold water waiting till the security guards or cops or patrol come and bring me to juvie, where I'll rot and beocme a jail bird. I was confused. "Where are we?" I screamed to Ryland. Who was now removin his shoes and socks. I see him unbutton his dress shirt to reveal a pefectly sculpted set of abs. He walked over to the edge of the pool. ?Bent his knees and preformed a perfect swan dive into the pool. Was he crazy too. Great. I was angry with him. His car is sitting on the side of the road. We could of done something cute. The gas station to now. He was taking me for a whirl wind of emotions and crazy confusion. I was in utter shock. He swam up to me and grabbed my feet. Down I went. I put my hands out in front of me. Not opening my eyes, for I was not about to let the salty sting of cholrine in my eyes. I felt two large hand grab my cheeks and bring my face to his own. I felt a pair of wet lips. Ryland's nature of course. I let go and swam up to the top. I began to tred water as he appeared too. His mouth obviously full of water. "You better not spit that at me." I said gravely. He moved his lips into a puckered position. And spit in a straight ilne the pool water at me. I ducked immediatly and went under the water. I came up with a mouth full of my own, and I spat back at him. He looked at me and just grinned. An ear to ear smile which no one could describe accuratly. ""You know El, you've got to be one of the weridest people I know." Ryland looked at me. His eyes looking straight at me. Was that meant kiddinly or seriously? I wasn't sure, but I knew I wasn't going to sit here for that. I swam to the edge and lifted myself out. "Where are you going El? Why are you leaving?" He asked, sounding hurt. ""Was that supposed to be a compliment?" I asked him as I spun on my wet heels to face him. Loosing my balance I ended up in the water again. And the splash I felt stung my back and head. I brought myself up and turned back to him. ""It's just that magnetic force." Ryland said to me. Water dripping off his chin. ""Yeah, whatever." I said to him. With a tone I wasn't sure I was looking for. ""Hey, El. I'm sorry. You're not weird at all. Let's just talk. How about that?" Ryland said to me. Despretly trying to apologize. I looked over at him. The contours of his face wet and glistening under the moon light. ""Ugh, how could I stay mad at you?" I replied. With that, I swam over the side, and I lifted myself out. He followed me slowly. But something stopped me. I thought to myself, but I wanted to hug him. I went over to him, he was only a few paces behind me, and I grabbed his mid section. Holding on tight. As if to never let go. He pryed me off gently, and grabbed my face. ""What was that for?" He asked me quietly. ""I miss you." I answered. He chucked and smiled. Kissed my forhead and picked me up as if I was a baby. He carried me over to the lawn chair that sat in a series. ""In the past three days El, I've come to almost crave your presence. I need you here. You're weird, yes weird, comments. And your bringhtness. And I want you here, but I don't want you to get sick of me. I mean I took you to a gas station on our first date. I'm not some wealthy prep school kid. My dad's struggling to pay for our house. And my gandmother can only afford mac and cheese for my six siblings. All of which are wearing donation clothes. I just don't want you to go to a high end store with your mom in Paris one day and wonder why you've been hanging around with a loser like me." Ryland ended his sweet comments. I would never get sick of him. He's almost become my best friend in a way. He had to know. ""Ryland, you're not giving me credit. I'd eat dirt with you. I'd sit there with a "Will Work for Food" sign if it meant I could hang out with you. I would sit there and do absolutely nothing with you. All because it gave us time together. You've become to be something I need. Not want. And nothing will change that. Not now." I hoped he realized how sincere I was on that. He had a look of sadness. "I'll prove it." I said and pressed a kiss into his mouth. I laid my head down on his chest and listened to him breathe. He had to understand. I really cared for him. And right now, I was coming out to myself about how I feel. Now, all I have is my mom... Emilee... yeah, sounds easy but I know it won't be. I suddenly felt tired. I let a huge yawn slip out. ""Want me to take you home?" Ryland asked me. ""Yeah, sorry Ry, but I'm tired. I've been up since eight a.m. yoga." I stood up and headed for the fence. ""Where are you going?" Ryland asked me. ""Uh.. to the car?" I told him. Where did he think we were. ""Uh.. El.. Oh no. You didn't realize did you." What? What was he saying what didn't I realize? "El," he continued. "We're in your back yard." Ryland told me with a smile. I looked around. I didn't know this was my back yard. That shows how much I payed attention to my own grounds. ""Oh, perfect. I'll just walk up to my steps. Okay? Thanks so much." I told him with a hug and headed towards the steps.
I climbed the steps to my room. And grabbed my laptop. I needed to instant message Em. Let her know what my night had been like. When I ringing out my hair with a warm towel from our closet's warming drawer, I saw an instant message pop up. "Hey El!" It was from Em. I didn't want to start with her now. But, I had to. I began a story of how Grayer had picked me up. Taken me out to a magnificent dinner. Took me to his parent's club to meet them. Then drove me home where we kissed on the front steps. Don't the most original, but it would have to do. My mom walked in almost a minute later. It was now past twelve. I didnt' know she even went out, but I think she was drunk. She looked a mess. Eye liner smeared across her face. Her hair caked with sweat and who know's what food and make up and junk you aquire when you're prentending to be twenty three when you're a fifty-something-year-old-mother-of-eight. ""Wellllllll Elania! My darllllling babbbbbyyyy... You're, uhhh, soo wet!! Hah! Why are you so wet! Did you forget to take your clothes off in the shower? Dumbie! I did that once. Bad memories!" She was loud. And, I thought it would just be best to take her to bed. ""Come on Mom. Let's go to bed." I walked her to the other side of our house and into her room. I stripped her clothes which reaked of smoke and booze. And laid a towel down on her silk sheets. Only God would know how much she'll vomit tonight. I put a garbage can on the floor and helped her lay down. I've been doing that since I was twelve. Not a big deal, but it was beginning to get a little old. ""Nighty nightttt. Elania. Sleeeeeeep goood! And do not ever ever ever let the bed bugs bite! You hear me! You tell those dirty, skanky, good-for-nothing grimy to get out. Now. Okay? Loooove you. Sooooo much!" Her drunken slur was just comical. ""Okay Mom. You too. Sleep good." I closed her Oak doors. And dimmed the light, so she could see the garbage can on the floor when she wakes up in an hour and vomits. I walked over to my room. To see a huge paragraph typed from Emilee. what was she saying now? I sat down in my chair, still in wet clothes. And pulled my hair back. I read the paragraph. This was not something I wanted to start now.

Hope you're liking it all. Once again, I want to apologize for such the long wait. Sorry, this chapter isn't too eventful. But, I need to develop their relationship. Do you think Ryland and Elaina's relationship has developed well so far? Let me know what you think. I hope it's getting good! Any comments or suggestions, please let me know! Thanks for reading!


  1. I think its too fast. They already want to be together a lot? hmm, maybe its just me. But I do like it. I just think its too fast that they already want to be together all the time.

  2. I know it seems fast now. I sort of intended it to be that way, believe it or not. But, i think once I reach the intededed conflict of these star crossed lover's story then it should make more sense...