Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chapter 16 !

I sat in my arm chair. Still sopping wet from Ry and mine's little pool adventure. But, as I looked at my instant message from Em, I realized this was not how I wanted to end the night. A perfect night. A perfect ending right? I've been known to run away from a few minor problems in the past, but at this moment, I simply needed to shut my laptop. And that is exactly what I did. Escaping her messages and escaping the confrontation.
I've been friends with Em for as long as I can remember. When we met in the first grade, it was always a friendship made off of perfection. We did all the best friends things. Sleepovers, gossiping, secrets. And, to this day I had never lied to her.
As I stripped off my wet and muddy clothes, I grabbed my fuzzy robe and turned on the hot steam shower. I caught a glimpse of myself in my body length mirror and stared. I looked at a girl who had lied to her best friend for the first time. I had fallen for a guy who I barely knew and I've become someone who I was not ready to deal with. I let the steaming water wash away all the feelings I needed to escape. The feelings of betrayal and guilt pored over me in an almost cleansing fashion. But, the steam shower was good at another thing too: washing away my tears. As I cried there in the shower that night, it was a cry of release. A cry for my family. A cry for Ryland. A cry for the friendship I have been slowly ruining.
But see, my problem cannot easily be solved. Emilee wouldn't understand. I knew she had ranted to me on how much she hates Ryland. And, I know she wouldn't understand right away. She would be flaming mad and she would probably let me deal on my own. I didn't want to lose her, but over the course of the past few days I felt like there was something more sacred that was at stake: Ryland.
Yes, I've heard the saying a million times: girls over guys, hoes over bros, what ever you want it to be. But, Ryland. Oh my Ry. In a short week, Ryland and I had become close. A completion pair. He has given my a busted eye, stiches, allowed me to meet his siblings, taken me for a date, showed me a kinder side of him. I had fallen for the looks and charm, but I have come attached to the man underneath that boyish grin and those soft curls. And, of course, I can only speak for how I feel. How I feel can be easily stated. I'm on the fast track to love. The carpool lane to Head Over Heels City. Ryland and completed me over this week. I hoped he felt the same way, and I could almost tell that he was smitten as well. He had taken me on this date. He had taken the time and effort to get to know me. I hoped that his had meant as much to him as it did me. But I could never truly know. But, is it worth possibly losing Em over?
I took a deep breath and walked through the shower door it was the beginning of a new mind set. As I stepped 0ut of the warm shower and onto the bath mat, I dried my body off and toweled my hair. I slipped on a pair of sweats and a comfy old sweatshirt. Of course, one of Emilee's from her bat-mitzvah. Emilee's Fashion Fest. Yes, that fit her personality quite perfectly. I can remember the very day. As, I was at her house getting ready with her, Emilee's dress strap split. But she didn't even get mad. She hopped on her sewing machine and sewed the strap on like a pro. All as her hair stylist curled her long blonde hair. That’s one of the reasons I love Emilee. Besides of the fact that I get some of her freshly designed clothes, she is so cool underpressure. And on the day of her bat-mitzvah, she walked into her room all Tinseltown glamour like and was cool as can be. I love her for that. That's why we're bestfriends. Because we really complete each other. With out eachother, our lives would be so different. And there is no way to deny that.
I needed to just relax now. So as I grabbed my guitar and played a few cords I felt the peace wave wash over me. I hummed along trying to write a few bars. I took my breaths and gave my guitar playing what I had in me right then. I was singing and playing emotionally. Besides for the shower power I had just had, I played to revive an old part of me. This I felt was the only thing that hadn't changed since I met Ryland: my love for the guitar. The feeling I had as I played one of my old Beatles favorites. I thought of when I learned the guitar. On that trip to Seattle with my older brother, Stephen, that summer I spent with him. He made me promise when he bought this guitar in the flee market that I would play it. I practiced. He tried to help me learn sheet music because he's been playing violin for ever. He said I could go far. If I only took the decepline and practice I needed. One day, I would take this somewhere, some how. I'd just have to wait.

I stood up. Suddenly exhaused from my long day. As I pondered all I had done today. Yoga, ditching and lying to Emilee, a date with Ry, a swim with Ry. Then here. I looked at the clock. 1:38 was the time, but my bown hair, which had dried into waves, was in my way as I read the digital reading. I stood up and walked downstairs. To the foyer which glistened in the pale moon light. I looked out the front window and down our drive way. A taxi had pulled up. Out got a tall woman. Short blond hair tucked behind her ears. A long grey peacoat is what she wore. Down to her knees matched with leather boots to match. As she grabbed her tote from the backseat and paied the cab driver. She turned and headed up the drive way. If she was going to ring the bell at nearly 2 in the morning, she was crazy. As I beat her to the door I looked out onto the security video. It wasn't a stranger at all. No, no, no. It was my sister, Bella. Who was supposed to be in Russia. So what is she doing here?

if anyone's out there and still reading i thank you for keeping up. I will honestly try to write once a week. i hope you like this weeks little installment. let me know your thoughts please because i love to hear 'em.

thanks you all.

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  1. Pretty good. A few spelling errors, but we are human so that's okay. There was one thing though, towards the end you said she stood up and then a views lines later you said that she stood up, when she was already standing. But otherwise that's all. Very good. Keep writing!