Monday, July 27, 2009

Chapter 4 ;]

"Wha, what do you mean one more? Who the hell are you trying to kid? This isn't some joke. This is my life." He glared at me while saying this. "And I'm not kidding you I have seven siblings. One more than you." I said, trying to sound clever. I hope it worked, because he just stood there blankly staring at me. I continued on by saying, "And I bet you weren't an accident either. I was. My closest sibling is 9 years older than me." Ryland just shook his head and stammered "Yeah, but my life, minus the one kid, woah big fucking deal, is hell compared to yours. And you know it. Look at this place. It's a dump. My fucking ceiling pours in the rain during a storm. My bed is probably wet from last weeks. Opps, sorry. The only thing that leaks in your house, excuse me mansion, is the ocasional faucet. But, then your daddy hires someone to come and fix it. And I also bet you have food on the table? Yeah well, not so much here. Try sharing your PB&J sandwich with four people. Then come tell me how hard your life is." "Where do you go to highschool?" I fired at him. "Evans East...Pretty sketchy. Why? Sorry I don't attend Franklin Country Day. We can't pay the forty thousand a year for a prime education." Evans. I knew where that was. It was indeed sketchy. But Franklin Country Day wasn't my idea of the lap of luxury. "You don't know anything about me," I said. " Why do you think I'm some priss with everything I want handed to me on a silver platter?" He turned his chair to face me now. "Because you are a priss. and you do have everything handed to you. Maybe not on silver, you probably demand the platinum china or gold. Which ever matches your outfit." This was when I was fed up. I tried to stand. I made the plan to run out of the bed and head to the door with my shoulders back and head held high, make a comment that would leave him thinking, slam the door melodramatically, and expect him throwing rocks at my window tonight around eleven for an apology. But, not so easy. I tried to stand and was greeted but the floor due to the fact that I was not as with it as I thought. So, begining to crawl, I already looked absolutely pathetic. Epic fail. I should of aborted the misson but, it got worse. My hand sliped on a sweat covered shirt on the wood flooring and I fell once again. From a whopping height of like a foot. This time though, I smacked my head on the ground and could feel blood dripping down my cheeck. Great I thought. How suave. I must look fab. But Ryland didn't laugh. He didn't throw anything at me. In my suprise, he came over, picked up my five feet three frame with his musucal arms, pushed my whispy brown waves from my face, and put me on the bed and then continued by wiping the dripping blood off my ivory skin. He looked over at me again, and said "See, you're life isn't as hard at all. The diamonds on your rings or necklaces keep it together more than you. You've gotta be rescued. Constantly." I was done. That was it. Finally thinking he had a soul. Big mistake. "You don't know me at all! Stop thinking you do. I didn't need your help there. I could of gotten up on my own. I'd like you to know I basically raise myself. My mom's always off to New York or L.A. with my sisters or dining at my brothers resturant. Never with me. I'm suprised she's even here. (I could still hear her ranting). She's just here for some repayment. I'm basically forgotten. And my dad? The only one who knows my name after sixteen years? Well, he's always down at the factory. So shut the fuck up. You don't know me and you're in no place to say anything. And by the way I don't and never did need your help. Go play some fricken rugby." With that, I actually stood up. When I had my hand on the door knob, he said to me "Well, it's good to know we're both raising ourselves." What did he just say? I turned around and just stared at him. What did he mean ourselves?

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  1. I like it alot. The only thing I think you should do is re-read them and look for mispellings or if you put something up there twice. Don't forget "" those when your characters are talking so we will know when you switch characters. Great job!