Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chapter ----> 8

The kiss left me hanging wanting for more. Wishing he could stay here with me forever. Hoping that this kiss meant something or anything to him. But my fantasy was interrupted by the rustic sound of Ryland's voice. He looked away from while turning several shades of a deep scarlet red. "Um, I hhhave to go. Like, now, like super soon. I'm leaving cuz... Uh, I promised my brother's I'd play with them. Maybe some rugby or some coloring. Look, I don't know, but I have to go." ""Ryland, but where.... Wait!" But he didn't wait. He actually ran. The big finale was when took the steps down from balcony and onto the fresh sod that he probably had laid earlier that afternoon. And he sprinted out of my back yard. I thought back to my memory. Something seemed wrong. He had told me his siblings were asleep by now. Hadn't he? Was I that horrible that he ran out on me. Was I that horrible of a kisser. I thought he and I were becoming closer and getting to know each other. I guess not to him. But, now I needed to talk to Emilee. She's the only one who would understand. It's just so confusing. Thinking me and Ryland were getting to know one another. Relating heart to heart and actually having some one real to talk to. I had heard him open up. Maybe I needed to open up to him. Maybe that's to quick. But, now I just couldn't even think. Even though it was after eleven I could wake up Em, she won't be too mad. Even if she was... Oh, well. Never to late. Em doesn't stay up late, or past nine, but I have to talk to her.
"Wh-what now?" Emilee answered her phone groggily. ""Em, it's me. I need to talk." I told her. ""Ugh, let me go turn on my light. Are your parents still out?" She asked. ""Um, yeah. Aren't they always. I mean my mom's probably with Kierstyn. Like always in the city, spending more money on usesless shit that she already has. Being a bitch to every-" ""Gotcha Elaina, wheres your dad?"" Emilee interupted me. ""Uh, Dad's probably on his conference calls with his clients from where ever it's day time now. " I concluded. ""Okay, well I'm coming over. And I'm just going to stay all night, K?" Emilee asked. ""Yeah sure anything. Just come to the balcony." ""Okay see ya in like five mintues." Emilee said. ""Okay, sounds good." I replied.
I just realized I hadn't been downstairs in like four hours. So I ran down the two flights of stairs and went to the kitchen. I could see the front door from here. I thought back to the night I stopped having my friends go to it. "Oooooohhh. Who is this?" My mom asked on a friday night my freshman year. ""Um, I told you mom. I have a date. With an upper classman..." I tried to hint to her to shut the fuck up. ""And what does his father do?" She asked in front of him. ""Why does it matter?" I asked with a tone. ""First, miss thang," I can remember thinking who does she think she is? Miss thang? Now she's all hip and hopping with her slang from who knows where? "The tone has to go. Secondly, I don't want my daughter, who's practically Franklin royalty," She pointed towards my date, Aiden George. Football star. Popular. And georgeous senior. "Going out with just anyone." She concluded. ""Just anyone?" Aiden asked. ""Well yeah, you aren't poor are you?" My delerious mother kept going. Digging me into a hole of dispare. ""Look, Elaina. I'm out of here. I just can't do this. I knew the whole dating freshman thing was just too much." And smash. My chance at being anyone at Franklin had ended. He was going to ask me to Homecoming too. So perfect. My world ended when he told, I'm not sure, everyone at school. Exactly. Ended. Just like my use of the front door.
I shook my self out of memory land. And grabbed some rice cakes, peanut butter, and cheetos. My soul food. Emilee didn't mind the cheetos either. So I took the stairs right up to my room. And Emilee was there just spraying febreeze all over. I was coughing over and over as I entered the room. ""What are you doing?" I asked her. ""Your room smelled like shit. Were you working out here again. Running or muscle work this time?" She asked. ""Neither, just someone was here. They probalby smelled a little or something." I tried not to confess too much. ""This is what you wanted to tell me. Who was it? A guy from school?" ""Not quite. It was,umm, uhh, Ry- Ryland." I said looking away from her face ""Whyyy? That same guy?" She asked while slipping on a comfy sweater and laying out a fuzzy fleece blanket on my chaize. ""Yeah," I just broke down. "We kissed. And then he ran out. But why? His excuse was his brothers. Like, yeah he has six but he even told me they were asleep. And then he just left." I told her all. ""Hey, maybe it's just not the guy for you, maybe he's just like scared or has to get home for an embarrassing reason. Like maybe he's a bed wetter, or he really does have to go be with his brother or take his meds for some weird illness. Like a rash or something. I'm sure it's not you personally. Cuz you look fine to me right now. It's not like you have a smudge on your face..." Emilee tried to sound positive. I can remember the smudge Ry had and the smudge we had together. Our kiss. It seemed as if I could only think of him, but I don't know if thats how he feels at this moment. "But, in the morning I have yoga. At the spa down town? Come with me and we'll get mani pedis after." Emilee suggested. ""Em, I don't know what if Ryland is here tomorrow with his dad. Cuz if he is I have to be here. No way will I miss seeing him. He probably needs to talk to me, don't you think?" I ranted, forgetting it was after midnight. ""In the morning, you're not going to stay here and doing nothing. You're coming with me and theres no way you're stalking this guy tomorrow. You'll look desperate, okay?" Em said yawning. "Let's just talk about that kiss..." Emilee said while laying her head down. ""Ughh it was amazing..." I began the story. Suddenly feeling tired as well. "Let's just sleep." I told Emilee, hoping it sounded as good to her as it did to me. "Maybe I'll dream about Ryland." ""Shut up." Emilee demanded.

Hope it's going good. I've got some tricks up my sleeve for the next chapters. Hope this one's not too much of a let down. I'm going n vacation soon, so I'm trying to get in some good chapters before I leave, so any ideas or comments let me know and do you think I should make a full length book or a short story i wanna know what you think.. xox


  1. it was definately interesting. Your good at writing. Don't give up, I'm trying to write a book myself.

  2. thanks, it means alot. I've worked so hard on this story and it's good to know it's paying off. if you ever post your stuff up I would love to read it =]