Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chapter 6 :]

So when the clock struk 3:30 p.m. I was running off the Franklin school bus. I was trying to be all smooth and pretend I didn't even notice Ryland. But, I so did. He must be in a rush because he was running from lawn mower to pulling weeds to cutting branches. I tried to make some sensual eye contact, but I'm not so sure he caught my drift or actually even saw me. None the less, I was starving and sort of emotionally drained.
When I entered the freezing foyer, I ran to the kitchen. I waved and said a little blurb in Spanish to our sweet nanny Elvia. I decided I surprisingly wanted some of our families famous Samuels Spread otherwise known as plum jam. I grabbed some crackers and a fresh jar and ran up to my room. I could see that Ryland was now running around the entire house. I was so unsure of him now I realized. I feel like I was dying to know him. I was so confused on why I cared he was doing. He's simply, in horrible terms, just another employee.
When I reached my room I kicked off the heels I had worn to school, threw the skirt I had worn and pulled on a pair of sweats from my sister's sweet sixteen years back. All while shoveling jam covered crackers into my mouth. I ran over to my space command and blasted some of my favorite classic rock. I started a little jig with a hop and spun dramatically to face my balcony. And who else was standing on the other side of my double french glass doors except Ryland with a smirk plastered across his gorgeous face.
I quickly wiped the jam off my hands and mouth on my sleeves and tried to stop blushing. How long had he been standing there? I was so embarrassed, but I couldn't let him know that. So I walked over to the doors and opened them all nonchalantly. "Do you always climb onto girls balcony's and stalk them?" I asked with a tone. An oh so beautiful smile spread across his face and then he said, ""Only the cute ones," He thought I was cute? I think my knees went weak. But why? How could I be feeling this way about someone I barley know? "So seven siblings you said." He continued and questioned me back. Instead of going back to my question, I just answered his by saying "Yeah that's about right. Seven last time I checked anyway which is pretty hard considering they never talk to me." ""What's all of their deals?"" His second question in forty five seconds. "Whats it to you? Why do you care" I demanded. "Woah, calm down, and chill, I was just wondering because they must all do something crazy if they grew up in this house and all left." ""Well, Alb- wait are you sure you want to hear all of this? Don't you have work to do?"" I doubled checked. " Yes and don't you worry about me, I'm done for the day notice my dad's not even here anymore." He replied. ""Alright, well , Albie is the oldest. A lawyer. He, um, is the smartest, I guess. He's nineteen years older than I am and all I really know about him besides the whole lawyer thing is I went to his wedding when I was ten. His wife, my ex sister-in-law Andelynn. They got divorced 3 years later while she was pregnant. I think they had a girl. I know her name is Gemma Addison Samuels, I saved the birth announcement. But, I've never met her. Cuz, Albie lives in Boston and, my neic-, his daughter lives with her mom, but she goes to boarding school in Europe." I finished that story and Ryland has laid down on my bed his sweaty body on my sheets his wavy hair on my pillow. He looked over at me and said, "Well there's six more. If they're anything like the first one, well then I gotta be here for Thanksgiving." On that note I continued. "Next is Kierstyn. She lives in New York and is or was a model. Um, she's sorta old now. Like around 34. But she's still living out there doing what ever it is she does. Last time she was home, Christmas two years ago, she had a boyfriend who was a business tycoon," I sat down on the bed next to Ryland. Pacing was beginning to be tiring. " He's like eighty. Well not really, but like twenty years older than her. No kids or anything though. Yet. But, for all I know she's a punk rock public speak now, I haven't seen her in forever." "" Wow, that sucks I bet she's really hot."" He said daringly. I knew he was trying to push my nerves and it worked. So, I threw a pillow at him. "Hey, watch the money maker!" He said pointing to his face. ""Next?" I asked him. He simply nodded. "Well, my mom had twins next. Lucky her. Not to mention Alb and Kierstyn are 9 months apart, so the twins weren't much of a shock 11 months after Kierstyn. But Stephan was older. Not pronounced like Steven or Steve. It's like ph sound. He used to cry when people said it wrong, well I wasn't born then, but I have my sources. Aka home videos. But he plays the violin. Professionally. In uh Seattle. Don't ask. It's not my idea of a living. But he loves it. He moved out there with his high school sweet heart, Kaelee. They got married like when they were young, eighteen I think. I was one at their wedding. But, for my knowledge they're going strong. They have a son. Jamison. I met him once last Easter when Daddy flew them out right after his third birthday..." Ryland was shaking his head. I didn't understand why, but I continued on. "But like I said. He's a twin. His sister, or our sister, is Naomi. She's just getting started in her job. She opening a medical practice. She's a um pediatrician, but she opened up with an adult or what ever too. So, yeah. She lives in the Chicago suburbs. With her husband, Rick. Just the name makes me gag. He's a female doctor, if you know what I mean. Let's not get into how they met." Ryland laughs and moves closer to me. He pats his chest like it's some inviting pillow. And for some reason I couldn't turn down the offer. So I laid my head down on his chest. I could feel his rhymtic breathing as I asked "Want to hear the rest?" ""Yeah, I think so." He answered. So I began again. " After them is Joshua. He lives here. You've probably seen his restaurant Roshelle's Anatomy. I'm the closest with his sons. Bronne and Christian. I love those boys, but their mother Roshelle, not so much. I see them all the time. Probably only because they live down main street. Anyway, next was Bella. Her real name is Isabella Marie. But that was too much for me at the tender age of three when I was learning names. So, Bella stuck. She lives in NYC too, but as a ballerina. She doesn't have a boyfriend. I checked her facebook," I laughed at myself then realizing how little it seamed I know them or speak with them "it's probably because she's touring all the time. But she's alright. Sort of snobby. But I guess i gotta love her. But finally last, is Logan. He's a Realtor in Connecticut. He lives there with his girlfriend. He's only 25, but I think they're pretty serious. She's the nicest out of anyone. Her name is Rainie. But her real name is Loraine, I think. She teaches special needs, I think thats what she said." I paused briefly.
""You know what I think?"" Ryland asked. ""No, what..." I pondered. "" I think your life is lonely, and you don't know your siblings well enough to tell their life story, so that's sad. But, whats sad is how your parents leave you here. A girl like you shouldn't be left alone. Remember? you're in need of help." He said. ""Well, tell me about your siblings."" I completely ignored his statement. And started my own. "Okay it's pretty simple. My siblings are sextuplets. They were made with in vitro, because my parents couldn't get pregnet after me 17 years ago," A year older than me I thought. "So, you must kinda get it that having six kids at once isn't real healthy. And she died while giving birth. Too much blood lost, had a stroke, organ failure. The whole nine yards. That was 5 years ago. Now all six of them are almost four. Their names are Brayden, Ava, Shay, Talia, Chase, and Luke. They have alot of health problems, and Luke is autistic. But, other than their health being overwhelming, I love them." How could I top that. I thought to myself. What a hard life. I'm sitting here saying how hard my life is. Who am I trying to be? How is he even here with six little ill siblings? "Wow. What about middle names?" That was all I could manage to say trying to keep the conversation going as I burrowed deeper into his chest. Smelling the pungent odor of sweat, grass, and heart ache.

Sorry Guys! A little boring, I thought this stuff was info that was needed for the development of the characters. Let me know what you think!!


  1. This is chapter 7. Okay but the last one was chapter 5. What happened to six?
    BTW, I love it so far.
    The only thing I see wrong is a few misspelled words. Unless I missed something.

  2. sorry, i guess i forgot six.. haha I fixed it now. Thanks for reading!! did you think this was too boring? do you think the characters are developing well. let me know all your feelings

  3. I do think that they are developing well. They are both lonely and emotional. It wasn't boring at all. I'm eagarly waiting for the Chapter 8

  4. Thank you, I'm really trying hard. And, I'm glad you're enjoying them! If you know anyone looking for a good read I'd love it if you sent the link to this to them.