Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Ever Entry =]

Hey you, if any one is even reading this...
It was suggested to me that I should start a blog because of my writing interest.
But, I'm going to be honest, my life isn't too eccentric, that's why I'm going to try to start something a little different... so here it goes:

I'm going to start a blog book, and I'm thinking it'll work like this...
every post will be a new chapter of this story. You all can post some comments and let me know. If it's complete crap i'll scrap the whole thing and try something else... But here it goes!! Hopefully this will have an ultimately sweet ending...

Chapter One: A Day in the Life of a Failure

A huge D- is slammed into my desk by none other then my psychotic math teacher. "Nothing like your brothers. Or sisters now that I think about it." he stammers at me. Wow. "And, you're just peachy too." I want to say back. Ugh. Math: the end of all. When you're the eighth child of a picture perfect family, it's hard to be a tad bit different from the rest of the army.
My life survives in Franklin Pond, a small suburb known for it's plum orchards. How exciting. My great grandfather started a plum jam company years back. Making us the second wealthiest family here. Like the Kennedy's of Franklin Pond. So it all began. My father then needed an army to build up the business, and nothing less than perfect would be excepted. So, that was where my story starts.
First with my oldest brother Albie, Albert Kingston Samuels Junior. Named for my dad and is the smartest: a Harvard Law School graduate. Followed by my now modeling sister, Kierstyn Leigh Samuels. Most would love having a sister who lives in a pent house in New York, but she's 18 years older than I am. Not exactly the sister you spill your guts to. After Kierstyn, came the musically talented Stephan James Samuels. Stephan still lives in Seattle where he play his violin "professionally", but I'm sure he just does it in grotesque coffee shops with poetry slams, while my father sends him checks each month. With Stephan came Naomi Elizabeth Samuels. They're the twins. Naomi is still in college studying to be a pediatrician, not my thing, but if human anatomy of the small kind pleases her, then you go girl. Those are the four oldest. My parents took a break, wow suprise, considering Albie and Kierstyn are 9 months apart (sure mom loved that one month break). And Kierstyn and the twins are 11 months apart. Four kids under the age of four. Sounds fun?
Two years later, Albie was nearly 5, Kierstyn 4, Stephan and Naomi 3, along came Joshua Alexander Samuels. Bouncing baby boy who turned out to actually be alright. He opened a restaurant, Roshelle's Anatomy, in Franklin Pond, named for his wife. (Sorta creepy.) But, it's not too popular amongst kids; that's probably because their portions are the size of a quarter. Then a long nine months later came Isabella Marie Samuels, Bella to me due to the fact at age 2 Isabella was too long of a name for your little sister 15 years your junior. She's also living in New York partime, but not with Kierstyn. She's actually a professional ballerina. She was here a few weeks ago. I think she went to Russia for a show? My mom was done; six kids under the age of 10 were waring her down, but my dad, Albert Kingston Samuels I, persuaded my mom, Suzanne Kristine Hollander-Samuels, for just one more. And pop, poof, slam there came Logan Russel Samuels. Logan's studying to be an real estate agent. The sword savy one. Good with his words and persuasive. Like I said: savy. So my family was complete. Albie 7, Kierstyn 6, Stephen and Naomi 5, Josh 3, Bella 2, and Logan under 1. How cute. Makes me want to vomit.
Nine entire years later I was born. My mom told me she cried for days. Thanks mom, what a nice way to basically say I was an accident. So here I am, Elaina Rose Samuels. Albie was 19, Kierstyn 18, Stephen and Naomi 17, followed by Josh 15, Bella 14, and the now second to last Logan at 11 and now me, Elaina age 1. I guess according to some, I was a ultimately sweet ending.
I hope it's easy to see how over whelming my family is. Being the last of eight, I'm pretty much expected to be just like them. With their extreme life styles and smarts. But, that's not me at all.


  1. hey girly! wow.. thats a very nice start to a book! here are my suggestions.. whatch your short sentences.. i know what poin youre trying to prove.. Elaina (which in my middle name!!! :) haha) is angry and when were angry we speak in short, pithy sentences. so i gotcha there ;] also just silly grammar mistakes.. like "i was AN ultimatly sweet ending" but yeah.. i loved it.. im acctually writing my own book now too.. maybe i should start a blog??? haha well comment me on PulseIT.. thanks for reading my poem!

  2. Very nice start to your story. Hope you get published one day : D