Monday, August 17, 2009

--> Chapter --> 13

I was slamming into the car door. Slamming into the consul over and over. Slamming into my own emotions. Which ranged from scared to excited back to happy. I was scared because I didn't know where I was going. Scared because, knowing Ryland, I was going to end up some where beyond crazy. I was excited because I was with Ryland. Alone, traveling to some where that was a surprise to me, now that was exciting. But, why I was happy couldn't be more obvious. There was no where in the world that I would rather be at the moment. Nothing could of made the moment better, except removing the dirty black rag, that smelled for Ryland's sweaty manliness, which doubled to shield my eyes from my whereabouts.

We were whipping around the streets. Like a speed demon or a racer on the track. As we turned a quick corner, the engine hummed to a stop. I felt like I could remove the blind fold now. And Ryland got out of the car. I was sitting there alone in the now cold car. I rubbed my hands on my arms to keep my self warm. I heard foot steps come to my door. And pull it open slowly. I had assumed it was Ryland, and he helped me out, slowly but surly, of the chum bucked we had rode in. I was still blinded from the world, as I was walking cautiously and slowly. I had begun to feel a little scared, but I trusted where he was taking me.The sultry voice came into my ears. "Now there's a step here. So, be careful. Woah, slow now girl." Ryland coasted me through the steps of my location. "Uh, El, you gotta wait here for a second," There was no way in my power that I could have predicted where I actually was, and I had begun to guess and try to figure it out. I could hear the key twisting in the door knob and the sounds of cartoons playing behind the door. Where had he taken me? To a play house? A carnival? And his voice disappeared along with his physical presence. I was beginning to shiver in the crisp air. Alone and not having my sight was starting to make me paranoid. What if he wasn't coming back? Was this his best attempt to ditch me? Sure, Ryland. Leave me in the cold. Real mature. I had to open my eyes, so I reached behind my head and undid the knot that secured the rag to my head. And when I opened my eyes, I couldn't believe where I was.

I looked around, I was at a home. Some one's house, I thought. I looked around the surrounding houses. Not, my neighbor hood to put it lightly. The houses were older models, and slightly run down. It wasn't the worst place I had ever been into. There probably won't be any gang bangers on the corner come night fall, and there isn't any girls standing on the corner. So, this area was slightly less affluent. But, I was still unsure why I was even here. I turned my head as the door had been opening. "Well, you cheated." Ryland said to me with a slightly smug and stern look on his face. ""Aw, Ry, um it wasn't on purpose, it was just 'cuz I was scared and," ""Okay, stop El. No need to worry at all. It's not that big of a deal, I promise. Just c'mon now cheater. There's some people I want you to meet." I had tried to explain myself, but I was interrupted by Ryland's reassuring nature beaconing me into the house. I stepped up into the foyer and handed him the rag. He playfully slung it over his shoulder and allowed me to pass him.

I looked inside the very comfortable home. A quaint home, at that. How warm and cozy. A great way to grow up. Cute actually, that was for sure. Little apple decals plastered along the walls. Family pictures lining the walls. And little figurines and candles flickering the night away on high shelves, away from little hands. I would love to have a grandma who lived in a house like this. A home, and a family to come home to. But, unfortunately all four of my grandparents were dead by the time I was three. Nothing I had really thought twice about until now. I looked down towards the lived in carpet of a sitting room filled with toys and saw six little kids all on a worn rug. The room was lovely, really. Not the million dollar overly extravagant golden rooms of my home, but the cute Home Depot's own paint colors. And the smell of baking cookies reminded me of a dream land of a faerie tale that I wished I had grown up in as a child. And drapes not picked by a high end designer, but a loving woman who wanted something easy for their family. "Uh, El. This is," ""Ryland!! Shh! Be quiet we're watching the tele!" Six little voices had screamed back at Ryland. Ryland had begun to introduce me to six adorable children, but who were they? The smart gears inside my head hadn't started to turn yet and register whom I was with and as, an elderly woman came out of the kitchen holding a plate I had begun to understand. "" Aw, good to see you sweetness. Ry boy, who is this nice young lady?" She asked as she set down the plate of sliced apples and peanut butter she had been carrying. "Little one's eat, Hi I'm Trudy, Ryland's grandma. On his mom's side. And you must be..." ""Elaina. A friend." I said with a smile on my face. Ryland had moved over to the little kids wrestling with the boys, hugging the girls making funny faces and noises. ""You didn't meet the kids did you yet? These are his little siblings. Almost four, my grand babies are growing up. Starting kindergarden soon." I could see the proud look in her eyes. ""Wow, how amazing it is to see how close they are." I replied to her introduction. I eyed Ryland as he rolled around on the floor. One boy on his head. Two girls, one on each leg. Another little girl, the smallest, hugging his abdomen. With the final two boys jumping around the couch. The older brother, and the love these little kids have for him. All the adoration, the only way to describe it was adorable.

""Ry boy, introduce your friend to all the youngsters." Ryland's grandma has prompted what I felt would be a long and awkward conversation. ""Alright Grams, El come over here," Ryland began. "This little munchkin is Ava," I looked at the little girl in an adorable pink dress, with two lighter brown pig tails in her hair. The same freckles and green eyes. An adorable little girl, with a breathing tube in her nose, but still the sweetest thing. ""Hi Ava, I'm Elaina." I said smiling. A shy one, she just smiled and burrowed behind Ryland as he began again, picking up a little boy this time. "This monkey, yeah that's right monkey, is Chase," Quite the wild one. All squirming around. His refreshing blue eyes, and bright smile paired with a shady blonde hair was quite cute. ""Hi there Chase, I'm Elaina." I said realizing I would say that four more times. As Chase ran away, Ryland reached for the next sibling. Another boy who was clutching crayons and markers in his hands. ""And here is the infamous Brayden," I looked down at the boy. Similar to Ryland. Only with again, an air tube in his nose. The hair, was quite similar. Only his had an ocean of waves paired with the same blues eyes as before. Lacking the freckles, he was still adorable as ever. I had noted the feeding tube, sticking out from his little monster truck sweater. "Brayden, nice to meet you. I'm Elaina." ""That's nice Elaina, I'm Brayden" The only response I had gotten from any of them so far, a little social butterfly I guess. As Brayden scurried off to go color some more, Ryland reached for a little girl, ""Rylandddd I was doing something!" As he dragged the girl, her hands smashed play dough into the carpet. "Oh wow, you're a handful," He said tickling the girl under her arms. Giggling filled the room and Ryland continued. "This menus is Talia, the difficult one, huh?" I looked at the beautiful girl. Long, dark, dark hair. The same ice blue eyes. A full lip and big eyes accented how gorgeous this four year old actually was. "Hey Talia, what a pretty name, I'm Elaina. And don't worry, I don't think your a menus." I said winking and eyeing Ryland, who stuck out his tongue at me. Only one more girl was left, and she came running up to Ry. Giving him kisses and hugging him closely. "The cuddle bug here is Shay." I looked down at the cord that was coming from her shirt. I heard monitor, I presumed. And I could almost hear her wheezing in the air. But, a stunning girl at that. Her dark curls shined in the light, with her green eyes, just like Ryland's. A cute girl too. All were cute. I remembered Ryland saying he had six siblings. I had only met five. He saw my concerned look and game me the one minute signal along with a wink. I looked concerned and I had tried to remember the last siblings name. Luke. He was autistic. I recalled that now. Ryland's grandma looked over at me and offered me something to drink, I had declined. ""You know, he's looking for Luke. That sweet heart goes off in his own little world," She had said smiling. Her wrinkles not showing her age, but her wisdom. "He likes to hide, and only Ryland really knows the top secret location." She finished. I sat down. Watching all the young ones play on the ground. Some girls pushing and shoving, fighting over a barbie. The boys running around. I saw Ryland approaching now, holding a small boy, as if he was a young baby. The boy clung to his neck and had his legs wrapped around Ryland's frame. Ryland sat down next to me on the couch. He just faced the boy next to me, who just stared. ""This is Luke," Ryland began. "He's a little shy, but he really wanted to meet you." I looked at the boy. Ryland's mini me. An exact replica. The same freckles, same hair, same kelly green eyes. A really adorable boy. Who was off in his own place. ""Well Luke, I'm Elaina. And I love your shirt with the leaves on it. It's awesome." He picked his head up and looked at me. Then burrowed his small face back into Ryland's neck. Ryland whispered something to him, and Luke ran off again. Ryland took my hand a told his grandma I had forgotten my phone in the car. He took me outside into the cold air. I looked around, actual stars had begun to appear at this time. I looked back into the house and Ry's grandma was plating dinner for the kids. A pasta dish, I thought I could smell from inside.

He led me to his car and we sat down inside. I did take my phone out of my pocket. Six missed calls from Em. Oh, well. Not important now. She'll just think I was with Grayer. "El, this means a lot to me. I wanted you to meet them. And I know this wasn't the extreme date you wanted, but there's more to come. My grandma watches the kids, and they go to bed soon. They just like when I eat dinner with them. And, I have something planned. But, would you mind to stay for macaroni and hot dogs? It's sort of a favorite." Ryland asked me with a look that was worried. I had no reason to say no and I wanted to stay. ""Of course I'll stay." I said with a smile. "'Okay, good. Let's go then. For the big dinner." Ryland hopped out of his side of the car and opened mine. He skipped into the house. I thought of what I had just met. Or who I had just met. Six little kids. Some sick, and some excited. All happy. I thought of Luke and his autism, and the others who had tubes here and there. The poor babies, what they had gone through in their young lives. A mother they hadn't met. A father who lost his job. And, a brother who loved them, in that regard they were lucky. ""Are you coming?" Ryland looked back at me from the front door. I was still standing in the drive way, emerged from the day dream. ""Yeah. Right now." I said as I came up to the door and entered the house.

We shared a cute dinner of macaroni with Ry's grandma and the six little ones. After a dinner of throwing pasta, squirming around, crying because their drink was empty, a room of laughs and a room of happiness despite what may go on, they kids were laying down and relaxing on the living room floor. Freshly showered in their pajamas. All snuggly with a blanket covering all six and a body pillow for their heads. A cute sight I hadn't really gotten to see. I wondered if my family had done this with my older siblings, probably. But not for me. I was the lone ranger. Ryland got up after the last little one had closed their eyes. Gave his grandma a kissed. As I followed her with a hug. We had left his grandmothers house. And Ryland looked over at me. "Let's get some real dinner." Ryland's mischievous smirk was so alluring. How could I turn that down?

Hope you like the chapter. Let me know what you all think. Thanks for taking the time to read it. I've got some more coming in the next couple days. Thanks again! Leave me some great comments, I love to read them.


  1. 3rd paragraph, 5 lines from the bottom: you have: Just c'mon now cheater.
    now shouldn't be in there, right?
    Wouldn't it sound better as, Just c'mon cheater.

    I LOVE apples and peanut butter!!

    5th para, 27 lines from top: you have:
    This menus is Talia
    menus?? Do you mean menace? Like Dennis the Menace?
    A few lines down: heard monitor
    you meant heart monitor?

    Last para, few lines from the bottom, change kissed to kiss.

    Other than that, you did great! I am liking the story and I can't wait for the next chapter.

  2. Wow, thanks for the corrections. Greatly appreciated! My computer's acting a little funky and isn't underlining miss spellings. But, really thanks for the suggestions! It means a lot, and you're a close reader!

  3. Your welcome! I enjoy reading what you have written so far. Like I said, I can't wait for the next one.