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Chapter ----> 8

The kiss left me hanging wanting for more. Wishing he could stay here with me forever. Hoping that this kiss meant something or anything to him. But my fantasy was interrupted by the rustic sound of Ryland's voice. He looked away from while turning several shades of a deep scarlet red. "Um, I hhhave to go. Like, now, like super soon. I'm leaving cuz... Uh, I promised my brother's I'd play with them. Maybe some rugby or some coloring. Look, I don't know, but I have to go." ""Ryland, but where.... Wait!" But he didn't wait. He actually ran. The big finale was when took the steps down from balcony and onto the fresh sod that he probably had laid earlier that afternoon. And he sprinted out of my back yard. I thought back to my memory. Something seemed wrong. He had told me his siblings were asleep by now. Hadn't he? Was I that horrible that he ran out on me. Was I that horrible of a kisser. I thought he and I were becoming closer and getting to know each other. I guess not to him. But, now I needed to talk to Emilee. She's the only one who would understand. It's just so confusing. Thinking me and Ryland were getting to know one another. Relating heart to heart and actually having some one real to talk to. I had heard him open up. Maybe I needed to open up to him. Maybe that's to quick. But, now I just couldn't even think. Even though it was after eleven I could wake up Em, she won't be too mad. Even if she was... Oh, well. Never to late. Em doesn't stay up late, or past nine, but I have to talk to her.
"Wh-what now?" Emilee answered her phone groggily. ""Em, it's me. I need to talk." I told her. ""Ugh, let me go turn on my light. Are your parents still out?" She asked. ""Um, yeah. Aren't they always. I mean my mom's probably with Kierstyn. Like always in the city, spending more money on usesless shit that she already has. Being a bitch to every-" ""Gotcha Elaina, wheres your dad?"" Emilee interupted me. ""Uh, Dad's probably on his conference calls with his clients from where ever it's day time now. " I concluded. ""Okay, well I'm coming over. And I'm just going to stay all night, K?" Emilee asked. ""Yeah sure anything. Just come to the balcony." ""Okay see ya in like five mintues." Emilee said. ""Okay, sounds good." I replied.
I just realized I hadn't been downstairs in like four hours. So I ran down the two flights of stairs and went to the kitchen. I could see the front door from here. I thought back to the night I stopped having my friends go to it. "Oooooohhh. Who is this?" My mom asked on a friday night my freshman year. ""Um, I told you mom. I have a date. With an upper classman..." I tried to hint to her to shut the fuck up. ""And what does his father do?" She asked in front of him. ""Why does it matter?" I asked with a tone. ""First, miss thang," I can remember thinking who does she think she is? Miss thang? Now she's all hip and hopping with her slang from who knows where? "The tone has to go. Secondly, I don't want my daughter, who's practically Franklin royalty," She pointed towards my date, Aiden George. Football star. Popular. And georgeous senior. "Going out with just anyone." She concluded. ""Just anyone?" Aiden asked. ""Well yeah, you aren't poor are you?" My delerious mother kept going. Digging me into a hole of dispare. ""Look, Elaina. I'm out of here. I just can't do this. I knew the whole dating freshman thing was just too much." And smash. My chance at being anyone at Franklin had ended. He was going to ask me to Homecoming too. So perfect. My world ended when he told, I'm not sure, everyone at school. Exactly. Ended. Just like my use of the front door.
I shook my self out of memory land. And grabbed some rice cakes, peanut butter, and cheetos. My soul food. Emilee didn't mind the cheetos either. So I took the stairs right up to my room. And Emilee was there just spraying febreeze all over. I was coughing over and over as I entered the room. ""What are you doing?" I asked her. ""Your room smelled like shit. Were you working out here again. Running or muscle work this time?" She asked. ""Neither, just someone was here. They probalby smelled a little or something." I tried not to confess too much. ""This is what you wanted to tell me. Who was it? A guy from school?" ""Not quite. It was,umm, uhh, Ry- Ryland." I said looking away from her face ""Whyyy? That same guy?" She asked while slipping on a comfy sweater and laying out a fuzzy fleece blanket on my chaize. ""Yeah," I just broke down. "We kissed. And then he ran out. But why? His excuse was his brothers. Like, yeah he has six but he even told me they were asleep. And then he just left." I told her all. ""Hey, maybe it's just not the guy for you, maybe he's just like scared or has to get home for an embarrassing reason. Like maybe he's a bed wetter, or he really does have to go be with his brother or take his meds for some weird illness. Like a rash or something. I'm sure it's not you personally. Cuz you look fine to me right now. It's not like you have a smudge on your face..." Emilee tried to sound positive. I can remember the smudge Ry had and the smudge we had together. Our kiss. It seemed as if I could only think of him, but I don't know if thats how he feels at this moment. "But, in the morning I have yoga. At the spa down town? Come with me and we'll get mani pedis after." Emilee suggested. ""Em, I don't know what if Ryland is here tomorrow with his dad. Cuz if he is I have to be here. No way will I miss seeing him. He probably needs to talk to me, don't you think?" I ranted, forgetting it was after midnight. ""In the morning, you're not going to stay here and doing nothing. You're coming with me and theres no way you're stalking this guy tomorrow. You'll look desperate, okay?" Em said yawning. "Let's just talk about that kiss..." Emilee said while laying her head down. ""Ughh it was amazing..." I began the story. Suddenly feeling tired as well. "Let's just sleep." I told Emilee, hoping it sounded as good to her as it did to me. "Maybe I'll dream about Ryland." ""Shut up." Emilee demanded.

Hope it's going good. I've got some tricks up my sleeve for the next chapters. Hope this one's not too much of a let down. I'm going n vacation soon, so I'm trying to get in some good chapters before I leave, so any ideas or comments let me know and do you think I should make a full length book or a short story i wanna know what you think.. xox

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*Chapter 7*

"Okay, you're going to think their middle names are ridiculous." Ryland said and blushed at the same time. ""Nah, I won't at least I wouldn't say it to your face."" I replied back in a joking way. Ryland sighed, closed his eyes, took a deep breath and said. "Brayden Levi Finnton. Ava Makinlee. Shay Aleah Harlow. Talia Scarlet. Chase Jax Hudson. And Lukas Ryder. I mean they all have my same last name too, Marx. But, don't say anything mean. My mom named them all. And, she's um like you know gone. So, they may have weird names, but she liked them." And with that Ryland opened his eyes and looked at me with those eyes that were as green and deep as a forest. "" I love their names." I said softly. Hopefully, that was enough of an answer. Ryland continued to move closer to me to the point where our noses were almost touching. I cleared my throat when I realized how close we actually were. I was frazzled at that point. So, I stood up. And turned to ask him one more question. "You said we both were raising ourselves the other day when you gave me this," I pointed to my stitches on my cheek and shoulder. "What do you mean we? You know how my life is. You come here every day and see me alone in this house." I looked at my watch it was 9:30. I wondered if he realized that no one was here now, and no one would be till after midnight. "You aren't dumb. You can see I"m here alone. But you, I want to know. You're alone too, how is that. You have six little siblings and a dad who loves you all. So, how are you alone?" I asked. I didn't want him to think I was rude. I wanted him to think I was sympathizing. But, he didn't take it that way. "Alone? I'm seventeen, living in a house with six five year olds. That's not alone? And my dad? You think he comes here and then comes home? No. He comes here then goes to his second job. While my neighbor watches the kids. They're asleep by now, but how can you not realize that yeah you may be literally alone, but I'm emotionally alone. And my mom is dead. At least you have one. And we're poor. That makes my life lonelier than some one in solitary confinement. You have your animals and your servants and your electronics to keep you company. I'm alone in a room with a ceiling that leaks with musty books from my dad. It's not just you Elaina. You're not as alone as you think." His rant felt like a slap. And I realized I never had told him my name, but he knew it. And likewise. I knew his and he knew mine. We were getting to know the deep details of each other quickly. And for some reason the last thing I wanted to do was upset him. ""Ryland, that's not what I was trying to say..." I looked over at him. He was vulnerable at this point. His head in his hands. Rubbing his skin raw. I sat down next to him, I could feel that he needed some one. The air was hanging thick though. And I wasn't sure what to say. "You're right Ry. Your life is hard. I get it though. You may think that I'm so far off. But, I really understand where you're coming from. A lot more than you think, Ry." I tried to say something to bring his head out of his hands. That statuesque face that looked as if some divine being had carved it from a fine Italian marble. ""Did you just call me Ry?" He asked. ""Um, yeah. I think so. Why, I can stop that if you want. Or not want..." I left the question hanging. ""Uh, well no. I mean I don't care, but the last person to call me that was my mom." ""Oh, Ry-Ryland I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. Really, that's the last thing I wanted to do. Honestly." ""No, no, no. You didn't. At all." With that, He picked up his head and put his arm around me. I had butterflies swarming my stomach. And I wanted to just push him up against a wall. He was a caring guy, I could see that. ""Uh, Ry..." He had moved a hand to my neck. And his nose touching mine. ""Yeah?" He answered. ""You've got a smudge of something..." I confessed. ""So do you." He told me. I immediately felt self conscious. Where was it? ""Where?!" I said a little anxiously. While moving back a little. ""Here." Ryland said while pressing a soft warm kiss into my mouth. I was surprised scarily and pleasantly. He was moving his arms around my back and his mouth was gentle and amazing. After an embrace of what I thought was eternity, but nearly not long enough. I pulled away from Ryland. "" I think you got it." I told him and smiled. I may not have known Ryland well at that point. And I may not be able to fathom his personality, ideals, and life. But, I know one think for sure. I had fallen for him. And hard.

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Chapter 6 :]

So when the clock struk 3:30 p.m. I was running off the Franklin school bus. I was trying to be all smooth and pretend I didn't even notice Ryland. But, I so did. He must be in a rush because he was running from lawn mower to pulling weeds to cutting branches. I tried to make some sensual eye contact, but I'm not so sure he caught my drift or actually even saw me. None the less, I was starving and sort of emotionally drained.
When I entered the freezing foyer, I ran to the kitchen. I waved and said a little blurb in Spanish to our sweet nanny Elvia. I decided I surprisingly wanted some of our families famous Samuels Spread otherwise known as plum jam. I grabbed some crackers and a fresh jar and ran up to my room. I could see that Ryland was now running around the entire house. I was so unsure of him now I realized. I feel like I was dying to know him. I was so confused on why I cared he was doing. He's simply, in horrible terms, just another employee.
When I reached my room I kicked off the heels I had worn to school, threw the skirt I had worn and pulled on a pair of sweats from my sister's sweet sixteen years back. All while shoveling jam covered crackers into my mouth. I ran over to my space command and blasted some of my favorite classic rock. I started a little jig with a hop and spun dramatically to face my balcony. And who else was standing on the other side of my double french glass doors except Ryland with a smirk plastered across his gorgeous face.
I quickly wiped the jam off my hands and mouth on my sleeves and tried to stop blushing. How long had he been standing there? I was so embarrassed, but I couldn't let him know that. So I walked over to the doors and opened them all nonchalantly. "Do you always climb onto girls balcony's and stalk them?" I asked with a tone. An oh so beautiful smile spread across his face and then he said, ""Only the cute ones," He thought I was cute? I think my knees went weak. But why? How could I be feeling this way about someone I barley know? "So seven siblings you said." He continued and questioned me back. Instead of going back to my question, I just answered his by saying "Yeah that's about right. Seven last time I checked anyway which is pretty hard considering they never talk to me." ""What's all of their deals?"" His second question in forty five seconds. "Whats it to you? Why do you care" I demanded. "Woah, calm down, and chill, I was just wondering because they must all do something crazy if they grew up in this house and all left." ""Well, Alb- wait are you sure you want to hear all of this? Don't you have work to do?"" I doubled checked. " Yes and don't you worry about me, I'm done for the day notice my dad's not even here anymore." He replied. ""Alright, well , Albie is the oldest. A lawyer. He, um, is the smartest, I guess. He's nineteen years older than I am and all I really know about him besides the whole lawyer thing is I went to his wedding when I was ten. His wife, my ex sister-in-law Andelynn. They got divorced 3 years later while she was pregnant. I think they had a girl. I know her name is Gemma Addison Samuels, I saved the birth announcement. But, I've never met her. Cuz, Albie lives in Boston and, my neic-, his daughter lives with her mom, but she goes to boarding school in Europe." I finished that story and Ryland has laid down on my bed his sweaty body on my sheets his wavy hair on my pillow. He looked over at me and said, "Well there's six more. If they're anything like the first one, well then I gotta be here for Thanksgiving." On that note I continued. "Next is Kierstyn. She lives in New York and is or was a model. Um, she's sorta old now. Like around 34. But she's still living out there doing what ever it is she does. Last time she was home, Christmas two years ago, she had a boyfriend who was a business tycoon," I sat down on the bed next to Ryland. Pacing was beginning to be tiring. " He's like eighty. Well not really, but like twenty years older than her. No kids or anything though. Yet. But, for all I know she's a punk rock public speak now, I haven't seen her in forever." "" Wow, that sucks I bet she's really hot."" He said daringly. I knew he was trying to push my nerves and it worked. So, I threw a pillow at him. "Hey, watch the money maker!" He said pointing to his face. ""Next?" I asked him. He simply nodded. "Well, my mom had twins next. Lucky her. Not to mention Alb and Kierstyn are 9 months apart, so the twins weren't much of a shock 11 months after Kierstyn. But Stephan was older. Not pronounced like Steven or Steve. It's like ph sound. He used to cry when people said it wrong, well I wasn't born then, but I have my sources. Aka home videos. But he plays the violin. Professionally. In uh Seattle. Don't ask. It's not my idea of a living. But he loves it. He moved out there with his high school sweet heart, Kaelee. They got married like when they were young, eighteen I think. I was one at their wedding. But, for my knowledge they're going strong. They have a son. Jamison. I met him once last Easter when Daddy flew them out right after his third birthday..." Ryland was shaking his head. I didn't understand why, but I continued on. "But like I said. He's a twin. His sister, or our sister, is Naomi. She's just getting started in her job. She opening a medical practice. She's a um pediatrician, but she opened up with an adult or what ever too. So, yeah. She lives in the Chicago suburbs. With her husband, Rick. Just the name makes me gag. He's a female doctor, if you know what I mean. Let's not get into how they met." Ryland laughs and moves closer to me. He pats his chest like it's some inviting pillow. And for some reason I couldn't turn down the offer. So I laid my head down on his chest. I could feel his rhymtic breathing as I asked "Want to hear the rest?" ""Yeah, I think so." He answered. So I began again. " After them is Joshua. He lives here. You've probably seen his restaurant Roshelle's Anatomy. I'm the closest with his sons. Bronne and Christian. I love those boys, but their mother Roshelle, not so much. I see them all the time. Probably only because they live down main street. Anyway, next was Bella. Her real name is Isabella Marie. But that was too much for me at the tender age of three when I was learning names. So, Bella stuck. She lives in NYC too, but as a ballerina. She doesn't have a boyfriend. I checked her facebook," I laughed at myself then realizing how little it seamed I know them or speak with them "it's probably because she's touring all the time. But she's alright. Sort of snobby. But I guess i gotta love her. But finally last, is Logan. He's a Realtor in Connecticut. He lives there with his girlfriend. He's only 25, but I think they're pretty serious. She's the nicest out of anyone. Her name is Rainie. But her real name is Loraine, I think. She teaches special needs, I think thats what she said." I paused briefly.
""You know what I think?"" Ryland asked. ""No, what..." I pondered. "" I think your life is lonely, and you don't know your siblings well enough to tell their life story, so that's sad. But, whats sad is how your parents leave you here. A girl like you shouldn't be left alone. Remember? you're in need of help." He said. ""Well, tell me about your siblings."" I completely ignored his statement. And started my own. "Okay it's pretty simple. My siblings are sextuplets. They were made with in vitro, because my parents couldn't get pregnet after me 17 years ago," A year older than me I thought. "So, you must kinda get it that having six kids at once isn't real healthy. And she died while giving birth. Too much blood lost, had a stroke, organ failure. The whole nine yards. That was 5 years ago. Now all six of them are almost four. Their names are Brayden, Ava, Shay, Talia, Chase, and Luke. They have alot of health problems, and Luke is autistic. But, other than their health being overwhelming, I love them." How could I top that. I thought to myself. What a hard life. I'm sitting here saying how hard my life is. Who am I trying to be? How is he even here with six little ill siblings? "Wow. What about middle names?" That was all I could manage to say trying to keep the conversation going as I burrowed deeper into his chest. Smelling the pungent odor of sweat, grass, and heart ache.

Sorry Guys! A little boring, I thought this stuff was info that was needed for the development of the characters. Let me know what you think!!

About the characters. Here's the deal

Hey guys,
If you were wondering.. some of the pictures are a few people I know like Elaina and mom and dad are actually family friends haha. But for example, the picture of Ryland, and the pictures of all seven siblings are from photobucket. Sorry if that disapoints you or anything. Just thought the visuals would help with the story. Thanks for reading this and stuff. Let me know if there's any other suggestions.


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Character Pictures!

Ryland- 17, the boy who started it all
The Seven Siblings- From the girl with her mouth open.
She's the infamous Kierstyn (model) . Left is Albie (lawyer) . Next is Naomi (Dr.). Next is Logan (Realtor). Next is Bella (ballerina). Next is Stephan (musician). Next is Elaina. Next is Joshua. (resturant.)
Mom and Dad- the parents who created it all. She looks sweet. But watch for the fangs!

Emilee- Elaina's best friend
Elaina- 16 years young.

Let me know if you want any other characters =]

~Chapter 5~

I didn't get the chance to find out that day what Ryland meant when he said we both were raising ourselves. Well, actually I didn't take the chance and run because my pride took the best of me and I left his room and slammed the door. Nice exit, huh? But, I had enough of his ignorance and I was done for the day. With what felt like a concussion, seven stiches on my left shoulder, and three on my cheek I was worn out. After bickering with my childish mother, I told her not to fire Tom because it wasn't his fault. She said I would never be a model like my picture perfect eldest sister or a ballerina like one of the others now and that I could thank his gang banger son for it. She kept on going that he was scum and deserves to live in jail. I'm not sure what it was about that comment, but she made my blood boil. How could she be preaching those words to someone? And, she doesn't know him, but now that I think about it, she doesn't know me either.

So, after I had my fill of my mothers ignorance of the world, I went to my room and called my best friend Emilee. Emilee Alexandria Shooster. We met in the first grade, and both loved the Junie B. Jones book series. It was a match in heaven. Everything started from lunchables in the cafeteria then continued to middleschool and beyond. But anyways, I called Em at tenish. She said she'd come over and help me with my make up in the morning and she said she'd been sewing a new jacket for herself, but I could wear it to cover my new found stiches. Emilee loves fashion designing. She's in the honors program at Franklin and loves it. And thats why I love her partly, I get some Emilee Alexandria originals. At around elven, I had a glimer of hope somebody, cough cough Ryland, would show up, so I told Emilee the Queen Bee otherwise known as my mother, needed me and hung up the phone.

And I sat on my balcony. Looking down at the pond and pool we have never seemed so sureal to be, but it was deffinatly georgeous on ths fall night. After forty five minutes, I went to my bed angry for some reason. He didn't say he would come over. He didn't say he would call me. He didn't say he'd show up like a knight in shining armor waiting to carry me away from my witch mother. But, I was angry. And I didn't quite know why.

So I slipped on some of the best silk jammies I could find, hoping that will settle me and be gentle on my freshly stinging wounds. And I slid into my cold bed. I fell asleep after an hour of tossing. And awoke to a key twisting in the lock of my french doors to my balcony in the morning. The fresh fall air bounched off the soft pink of my walls, and the warmth it created on my black and white sheets was captivating, but Em was here of course. Bright and early. At 6:00 am. So I let her in and the soft breeze blew my shear white curtains around the room. She quickly led me into the bathroom, and turned my shower. She practically pushed me in, and told me she'd pick out my outfit. Which means I will end up looking like an extra on the set of gossip girl, but for one day it's alright.

When I got out of the shower she was placing my close onto my manequin Queen Bee had made for me. Emilee loves that thing. I offered it to her once, but we couldn't get it over the balcony. So, here it says. I told her I'd just get dressed quickly and she would do my hair and makeup. Due to the fact that her's was already done, she looked stunning. Her pale blonde hair curled and twisted into an adorable updo. Her ice blue eyes shining with what ever goo she placed on her eyes. With her dark skinny jeans tucked neatly into her patent leather boots. Along with her blazer she hand made. Charcol with pink plad. A fashion statement I predicted.

When I came out, I looked alright. Emilee loved it. A knit black highwaisted skirt, acompanied with a white drapey shaul. She quickly took my wavy brown hair, placed a posh feathered headband in the front and continued on the rest with a flat iron. She finished my hair to a perfectly straight curtain flowing over my shoulders, and continued onto my face. My pale ivory skin imperfected with stiches on my right cheek bone. Emilee did the best she could on the stiches, but we got to talking about what happended. "So, this a guy who did this to you? Is he atleast cute?" She questioned me. That got me thinking. Ryland was pretty good looking. Tall around five ten and a muscular build. With a side of wavy dark brown hair in a cut that didn't pass his eyes. Deep kelly green eyes and a few freckles danced across his tan nose.

"Yeah, he's alright." I said. "What is wrong with him. He's such an ass. I would like to do this to him." She defended. "No." I said a little sharper than expected. She quickly stoped dusting powders and potions on my face and looked at me sternly, "What do you mean no? He did this to you! And didn't you say on purpose? If he was hot, this could be over looked maybe? But, he was rude to you. You told me everything last night." Yeah I had. But did I leave out the part on them needing the money? Or him actually being kill-me-now-and-let-me-lay-in-your-arms-forever-georgeous. I must have, but I was not about to tell her now. I just said "Well, he's okay. He's pretty cute and nice on most occasions." "Stop defending him. You must love this guy or something." She spat back. Defending? Love? Wow. Not words I would of picked for Ryland. "Whatever," I began. "Can you just finish so we can get to school, I wanna stop at starbucks on the way." And she finished with in minutes. Leaving me looking like Teresa, you know Barbie's forgotten friend. She's all dolled up too with a nice outfit and everything. But, everyone notices Barbie first. Thats like my mother with my sister. I'm the second one constantly. Kierstyn, my oldest sister, must be Barbie. I think the witch is going to her latest fashion show tomorrow. Thank god.

Emilee had gotten me thinking. And at school that day I just couldn't stop wondering about Ryland. What he was doing at Evans. What he had eaten for lunch, or had he eaten at all? What was he wearing... those jeans again... Woah, wait. What was I thinking? I had begun to go mad or something. But all I knew was I couldn't wait for three thirty to roll around and me to be stepping off that bus. Looking for Ryland.

Chapter 4 ;]

"Wha, what do you mean one more? Who the hell are you trying to kid? This isn't some joke. This is my life." He glared at me while saying this. "And I'm not kidding you I have seven siblings. One more than you." I said, trying to sound clever. I hope it worked, because he just stood there blankly staring at me. I continued on by saying, "And I bet you weren't an accident either. I was. My closest sibling is 9 years older than me." Ryland just shook his head and stammered "Yeah, but my life, minus the one kid, woah big fucking deal, is hell compared to yours. And you know it. Look at this place. It's a dump. My fucking ceiling pours in the rain during a storm. My bed is probably wet from last weeks. Opps, sorry. The only thing that leaks in your house, excuse me mansion, is the ocasional faucet. But, then your daddy hires someone to come and fix it. And I also bet you have food on the table? Yeah well, not so much here. Try sharing your PB&J sandwich with four people. Then come tell me how hard your life is." "Where do you go to highschool?" I fired at him. "Evans East...Pretty sketchy. Why? Sorry I don't attend Franklin Country Day. We can't pay the forty thousand a year for a prime education." Evans. I knew where that was. It was indeed sketchy. But Franklin Country Day wasn't my idea of the lap of luxury. "You don't know anything about me," I said. " Why do you think I'm some priss with everything I want handed to me on a silver platter?" He turned his chair to face me now. "Because you are a priss. and you do have everything handed to you. Maybe not on silver, you probably demand the platinum china or gold. Which ever matches your outfit." This was when I was fed up. I tried to stand. I made the plan to run out of the bed and head to the door with my shoulders back and head held high, make a comment that would leave him thinking, slam the door melodramatically, and expect him throwing rocks at my window tonight around eleven for an apology. But, not so easy. I tried to stand and was greeted but the floor due to the fact that I was not as with it as I thought. So, begining to crawl, I already looked absolutely pathetic. Epic fail. I should of aborted the misson but, it got worse. My hand sliped on a sweat covered shirt on the wood flooring and I fell once again. From a whopping height of like a foot. This time though, I smacked my head on the ground and could feel blood dripping down my cheeck. Great I thought. How suave. I must look fab. But Ryland didn't laugh. He didn't throw anything at me. In my suprise, he came over, picked up my five feet three frame with his musucal arms, pushed my whispy brown waves from my face, and put me on the bed and then continued by wiping the dripping blood off my ivory skin. He looked over at me again, and said "See, you're life isn't as hard at all. The diamonds on your rings or necklaces keep it together more than you. You've gotta be rescued. Constantly." I was done. That was it. Finally thinking he had a soul. Big mistake. "You don't know me at all! Stop thinking you do. I didn't need your help there. I could of gotten up on my own. I'd like you to know I basically raise myself. My mom's always off to New York or L.A. with my sisters or dining at my brothers resturant. Never with me. I'm suprised she's even here. (I could still hear her ranting). She's just here for some repayment. I'm basically forgotten. And my dad? The only one who knows my name after sixteen years? Well, he's always down at the factory. So shut the fuck up. You don't know me and you're in no place to say anything. And by the way I don't and never did need your help. Go play some fricken rugby." With that, I actually stood up. When I had my hand on the door knob, he said to me "Well, it's good to know we're both raising ourselves." What did he just say? I turned around and just stared at him. What did he mean ourselves?

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Chapter 3 =]

Here's chapter three. Please give me comments for help.

So there it was. Ryland's dad was demanding his apology to me. But better yet, Ryland turned around, whipped the MP3 headphones out of his ears, and spat the most hurtful words at me. "You stand there on your balcony, look down upon us, and demand my respect? No. You can eavesdrop on what I say, but I'm not going to regret what I said. I a person of my words. So, no to you, Dad, and no to you. And I don't even know your name, but theres no way in hell I ever will because a person like you doesn't deserve an apology." He said with a finger in my face.
Then he walked away in his leather jacket and tight fitting jeans combo, slammed the headphones back into his ears, and ran. He started running away from my house. Wow. His dad tried to apologize. Saying his son hadn't been the same since his mom's passing and how his son was a little depressed, but he needed the job to pay for their house, food, clothing for their seven kids. And I smiled, and I told him the job was still his but I just over reacted. I understood. I went upstairs to my room that night, and played my guitar for hours. Strumming the cords over and over until my finger tips were bleeding. I was mad, angry, hurt. But why? I didn't know a thing about that boy and he didn't know anything about me.
The next day at three- thirty when I got off the bus, there he was. Raking my yard, and his dad was cutting the tree branches. It was as if nothing had happened. But when I saw his face. For some reason, I just thought I could see deeper. Like the scar that was so big on his shoulder I could see it from my driveway. Or the fact his sad, tired, eyes weren't focused on the leaves. I was confused with why I even cared. That that guy, had yelled at me and left my house, but I sort of got him. I could try to relate about the whole seven siblings thing, because I have seven of my own. But, I probably couldn't quite get it.
I was memorized by him. For a while that day, I stood to watch him from the windows. He was in pain. It was obvious by the way he would have to rest his left arm every few seconds. Or how he was hungry, which was obvious by the way he was gnawing on a long piece of grass for a few hours. Which was when I sat down on the bay window, with my head laying on the glass, and my knees drawn up to my chest. And I nodded off to a dreamland where my family cared about me and this guy was just normal. In my dream world I almsot looked past his outter shell and got to know him, but I was awaken abruptly when a rugby ball was smashed in my window. I was faced with glass all over my lap and a confused bleeding cut over my left eye and on my left shoulder. I saw the head landscaper and Ryland sprinting towards me. I was confused on what happened. Tom was screaming at his son who was out running him by a long distance. Who then picked me up and held me like I was a small infant. He ran, I was bleeding and I could feel the pain in my head, and I started to cry. I was crying in the arms of a now that I can see, toned and strong guy. With freckles dancing across his nose and the prettiest kelly green eyes. I was begging to feel dizzy and he told me to lay my head down. Where are we going? I demanded, but it was black from there out.
When I wooke up, I was sitting in what I thought was Ryland's bedroom. My head was pounding and my shoulder ached. I could hear my moms glass shattering scream, and dads oh so concerned voice on speaker phone yelling towards Tom. I turned and saw Ryland sitting on a desk looking out the window.
" Where am I?" I stammered. He turned and looked for a second. Smirked and told me I was in his room. "But wait why?" "You're here because, ugh, look, I'm sorry but I threw my rubgy ball too hard towards your window where you were sitting. And it shattered the window. Where you were sleeping with your head against it. And you were cut by glass. On your forehead and shoulder. Look, I'm sorry. But you only needed some stiches and it's not that bad, and you'll just scar. Ok fine, I was aiming for you, but I never wanted to shatter the glass. Just wake you up, you know? While youre in there sleeping I was shoveling fricken dirt out of your yard. But you need to tell you're your parents not to fire my Dad. God, why am I telling you this? He was a doctor, and he lost his practice and was forced to become a landscaper. We were recomended to your parents. And we need this. I have six brothers and sisters. Six! Like the damn Bradys! God, please, we really need this." He was confessing, blabbering, and ranting for what felt like hours. After the sermon, I just looked over and said "One less than me."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Second Entry in One Day: Chp. Two!

Ok so here's another chapter... of Ultimately Sweet Ending

If any one out there is reading it.. Please leave me a comment! Your thoughts will help!!

Chapter Two: Finally Me.

So, now at age 16 I'm basically living alone in my family's castle. My brother Josh lives in Franklin Pond, but he's busy with his wife and kids. My nephews, Bronne and Christian, are now 5 and 3. I love them to death, and I've got a constant cash flow for babysitting. A little greedy though.. Don't you think? Accepting money from your brother, oh well. If I didn't take some of it his wife Roshelle would spend it all on some more custom tooth brushes or personalized nasal spray.
All my other siblings live out of Franklin Pond, so here I am alone with mom and dad. Dad's always at the factory and Mom always is gone visiting or out with the girls or anywhere but here. So, while my other seven siblings had a home mom to make their lunches and braid their hair and pick them up when they got sick at school, I was basically alone doing it all for myself. I'm okay with that though. Thats part of what makes me so different from my family.
So that's what my guitar provides for me. My best friend, besides my human one Emilee, is my guitar. A old worn acoustic that I picked up a garage sale in Chinatown at age six with Stephen on a summer vacation to see him. I live with that baby at my side. Constantly writing, constantly singing, constantly strumming. Playing that guitar is amazing. Such a let loose. A getaway. The warm orange of the wood as I pick it up after a long day of yet another failed math test or a failing grade on my latest lab for chemistry feels like I'm home. Yeah, I'm home finally. Not in my castle where no one but me is. But, my family doesn't really get that whole guitar playing thing. My mom told me to stop making noise and to put my ukulele away.
But here's where my real story starts. Where the guitar cannot go for me, but someone else can. And there's only one person who could of changed my life in so many ways: Ryland Christopher Marx. It all starts a little weird though, so I have to take a step back to sophomore year at Franklin Pond Country Day School and on to the beginning of my and Ryland's story.
I came from prep school into the still private Franklin Country Day. I'm not a cheerleader and I don't care who played football or basketball. And I am not a smart girl who is a closet singer, and I for sure am not going to break into song and everyone around would dance along and sing too. Choreographed numbers and all. I was sort of the odd one out. I was just strange compared to everyone else. So, basically everyday I would go to school and race home. If I was Kierstyn, mom would of picked me up in the Porsche and drove me home while I ate the carrot sticks and dressing she packed in the car, but no. I took the bus. But the second I was with in walking distance of my house, I was sprinting with my bag, prairie skirt, and moccasins in tote.
Every other day this sight would of been normal, due to the fact that I had practically grown up around the landscapers, funny not siblings even though I have only seven or so. They saw first bikini pool-side, to my first ever kiss with Alec Berger on my walk out deck, and my first fight with mom as I snook out the balcony after telling her that I hated her. They were there for it all. Funny, how my own sister didn't see me take my first steps, but the landscaper did.
But today it wasn't our usual guys, George and Hank. It was a younger man with his son. A son around my age. And he found our yard abysmal or something. He sat there head down in our lawn. But, I was captured by his long sandy brown hair and what I thought were green eyes.
Every week this man and his son would come to my house. Trim the bushes, cut the trees, mow our lawn. And I would see this boy every week as well. He played rugby. I could see him practicing off the side of our tennis courts. ( I don't mind, the last to use those was Naomi.) I often found myself wanting to know more to the point I feel creepy. Sometimes I could hear him on the phone chatting it up about practice or to meet him at seven. I knew his favorite food, mozzarella sticks. I knew his I knew his favorite type of music, punk. I knew his shoe size, eleven. ( I peeked at them once when he used the rest room in our foyer and took off his shoes). I had become obsessed. I would listen to him from my windows yelling at his dad that he didn't want to pick up any more sticks, or how this wasn't a one man job and he needed at swat team or how no one else had to work. He said that the lonely girl inside the house was a spoiled brat and how he saw me at school every day and I did nothing to deserve someone to spill sweat and tears when I didn't wanna chip a nail. That girl who was a dumb bitch who stood up there like the ice queen. That girl who wore clothes that cost more than some college tuitions while dripping in diamonds. That girl who looked down at them like they were the crap under her high heeled shoe. Then it began. That girl was me.
I then hated him then. Hated him for not wanting to know me. Hated him for not giving me a chance. Hated him for everything that would come.
That was when I said the first thing to him. I ran down stairs. Opened the double doors. Ran outside. And ran up to him and his father. And screamed "Who do you think you are? You don't know me! You may be some judging piece of shit, but you don't know the first thing about my life! Get out you're fired!" That was when his father had come up and sincerely apologized, and told me that his son was just upset. "I'm sorry miss," he had said. "It's ninety degrees out, you have to understand. He's just a little delirious. Ryland, apologize." He demanded. That was it. That was when I had met Ryland.

First Ever Entry =]

Hey you, if any one is even reading this...
It was suggested to me that I should start a blog because of my writing interest.
But, I'm going to be honest, my life isn't too eccentric, that's why I'm going to try to start something a little different... so here it goes:

I'm going to start a blog book, and I'm thinking it'll work like this...
every post will be a new chapter of this story. You all can post some comments and let me know. If it's complete crap i'll scrap the whole thing and try something else... But here it goes!! Hopefully this will have an ultimately sweet ending...

Chapter One: A Day in the Life of a Failure

A huge D- is slammed into my desk by none other then my psychotic math teacher. "Nothing like your brothers. Or sisters now that I think about it." he stammers at me. Wow. "And, you're just peachy too." I want to say back. Ugh. Math: the end of all. When you're the eighth child of a picture perfect family, it's hard to be a tad bit different from the rest of the army.
My life survives in Franklin Pond, a small suburb known for it's plum orchards. How exciting. My great grandfather started a plum jam company years back. Making us the second wealthiest family here. Like the Kennedy's of Franklin Pond. So it all began. My father then needed an army to build up the business, and nothing less than perfect would be excepted. So, that was where my story starts.
First with my oldest brother Albie, Albert Kingston Samuels Junior. Named for my dad and is the smartest: a Harvard Law School graduate. Followed by my now modeling sister, Kierstyn Leigh Samuels. Most would love having a sister who lives in a pent house in New York, but she's 18 years older than I am. Not exactly the sister you spill your guts to. After Kierstyn, came the musically talented Stephan James Samuels. Stephan still lives in Seattle where he play his violin "professionally", but I'm sure he just does it in grotesque coffee shops with poetry slams, while my father sends him checks each month. With Stephan came Naomi Elizabeth Samuels. They're the twins. Naomi is still in college studying to be a pediatrician, not my thing, but if human anatomy of the small kind pleases her, then you go girl. Those are the four oldest. My parents took a break, wow suprise, considering Albie and Kierstyn are 9 months apart (sure mom loved that one month break). And Kierstyn and the twins are 11 months apart. Four kids under the age of four. Sounds fun?
Two years later, Albie was nearly 5, Kierstyn 4, Stephan and Naomi 3, along came Joshua Alexander Samuels. Bouncing baby boy who turned out to actually be alright. He opened a restaurant, Roshelle's Anatomy, in Franklin Pond, named for his wife. (Sorta creepy.) But, it's not too popular amongst kids; that's probably because their portions are the size of a quarter. Then a long nine months later came Isabella Marie Samuels, Bella to me due to the fact at age 2 Isabella was too long of a name for your little sister 15 years your junior. She's also living in New York partime, but not with Kierstyn. She's actually a professional ballerina. She was here a few weeks ago. I think she went to Russia for a show? My mom was done; six kids under the age of 10 were waring her down, but my dad, Albert Kingston Samuels I, persuaded my mom, Suzanne Kristine Hollander-Samuels, for just one more. And pop, poof, slam there came Logan Russel Samuels. Logan's studying to be an real estate agent. The sword savy one. Good with his words and persuasive. Like I said: savy. So my family was complete. Albie 7, Kierstyn 6, Stephen and Naomi 5, Josh 3, Bella 2, and Logan under 1. How cute. Makes me want to vomit.
Nine entire years later I was born. My mom told me she cried for days. Thanks mom, what a nice way to basically say I was an accident. So here I am, Elaina Rose Samuels. Albie was 19, Kierstyn 18, Stephen and Naomi 17, followed by Josh 15, Bella 14, and the now second to last Logan at 11 and now me, Elaina age 1. I guess according to some, I was a ultimately sweet ending.
I hope it's easy to see how over whelming my family is. Being the last of eight, I'm pretty much expected to be just like them. With their extreme life styles and smarts. But, that's not me at all.