Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chapter... 12

The contours of Ryland's face glistened in the hot afternoon sun, which I had just ran all the way home in. I was immediatly self concious. What I sweaty? Did I smell? Is he going to think I look ugly? A flood of worry flowed over me.

"You look pretty smokin' there." Ryland said with a smirk. The worry eased off a bit. ""Um, I'm coming from the uh, gym," Hoping that would explain the pit stains and sweat brow. He took my hands and his and looked down at them. "Nice nails. Must of set you back though, look at that. Although, I do love a dark blue. But, El, do you always run to the so called gym, espcially when you went there with your friends. I saw you leave, remember?" I thought back to a few hours earlier. That was right. He was standing in my yard, working. I wanted to go away with him. I wanted to take his mind off of everything. And escape. To a world that was a tad less over whelming with a dash of less insanity. ""No, I wanted to see you." I said vunerably. Hoping the feelings were going to be reciprocated. I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket, chances wereit was Em. Asking where I was and why I left. I decieded then that I would tell her my mom called me. And needed me to watch my nephews, Christian and Bronne, while she took a freshly inpregnated Rochelle out for some quality mother-in-law and daughter-in-law bonding. I had almost forgotten I was standing there inches from Ryland. ""Well," Ryland started looking down at me. "It's good I have the rest of the day off. Because we're going somewhere." He said with a shine in his eyes. ""Where?" I asked a little less enthused than I should have been. ""Well, Miss Happy, somewhere special. So, go changed out of your yoga clothes," He had said to me while turning on his heels. "When you get back I'll be here. With my truck. Ready to go. By the way, wear something nice." He said as he walked away.

I ran around the back of the house. Up the balcony stairs and opened the glass doors. I went to my closet, relizing what nice things to I have to wear? How nice? What about my hair? I looked down at my floor. Realizing I had the perfect solution. Emilee's bag was on my floor. Most likely packed full with three outfits, all perfect for today. I opened up the duffle and saw a pair of straight leg jeans and a ruffly top. Not for me. I dug and found a cute day dress with a tie and she had attached jewlery with a bow to the strap. Again, not for me. Then, I found an edgy high waisted skirt, a studded tank, and a pair of chunky designer heels. Absolutely me. I laid out my newly found outfit and ran into my shower. I cranked the music up to escape the sound of my phone bussing on the bathroom sink. Emilee had called almost seven times. She would give up , I knew her. As horrible as it sounded, I didn't care. Today was about me. And I was aware of how selfish I was, but I couldn't bring myself to stop it. I had to chase what ever I had with Ryland, even if it had ment hurting the people who had always been there in the process.

I sprayed some light hairspray over my feshly flat ironed hair. Not a wave in sight. The outfit was pretty good on, and I hoped I looked as nice as Ry had wanted. I looked in the mirror at myself. The skirt, fit. The shirt, perfectly slouchy and all sudd covered. The heel's high enough to boost my 5'3'' stature to nearly a perfect 5'6''. I was excited. I looked down at my phone. Nine missed calls. My luck. I felt a pain in my side. I pressed the call button and saw Em's name appear on my screen. "Well, well, well, now you can answer." Em answered the call and I deserved that. ""Em, I'm sorry. My mom came and picked me up, I know shocker. She was watching Bronne and Christian. And, she needed me to take over. So, I had to leave. I'm sorry. But, you weren't done with your pedicure from hell. And, I couldn't find you. And, I shouldn't of just left, but I was stupid. Please forgive me?" I needed a deep breath after that rant. Again, with the lies. But, I couldn't deal with her right now, I had other emotions that were taking prority. ""Oh well, I get it. It's fine just you should of left a note for me at the desk, I didn't know where you were. But, I love Bronne and Chris want me to come and babysit with you? Hopefully, their dad will bring some high end food over for lunch, so what do you say? C'mon, El, everyone loves a good creme brulee." Well, not the answer I was expecting. I had other plans. So, I thought again, I needed another story. All my lies were begining to become tangled. ""Ah, Em, I wish I got your calls earliar. The boys just went down for a nap. And, I fed them already. I'm okay you know? Just hanging in the basement while they sleep on their cots. And my mom was sorta pissed for lettign you come in the middle of the night, so maye later? Right now's not so good." I crossed my fingers and hope that sunk in. ""Oh, alright. But, arn't you going on that date with Grayer later?!" She was so excited. I didn't know what to do anymore, except lie to her more. ""Oh, right. Yeah, that's today. So, I gotta plan for that too." My best attempt at excited. I looked up to see Ryland standing my balcony. Over looking the back yard. "Hey, Em, I gotta go. Bronne just woke up. He wants something. K? I'll talk to you later." And I hung up the phone.

I walked over to the glass doors. I swiped the curtains away and motioned for Ryland to come in. He looked amazing. Khaki's paired with a button down down shirt. He had showered recently, his hair was still wet. Cleanly shaven, he looked good. I was begining to question my outfit after all. He looked at me wide eyed. "You look amazing." Ryland said pressing a kiss into my cheek. ""As do you." I replied hoping to sound smooth. ""Do, you ever look at your yard or your house, or your closet and realize how good you have it?" Ryland asked me, looking a little deep for a date on the town. ""Um, yeah. I do. But, then I realize I'm standing alone in this house. So, it's not quite as good as it could be." I didn't think that was the answer he was looking for. "But, let's just go." I contined. ""Yeah, let's, uh, go." Ryland replied snapping out of his trance. He reached for my hand and we walked down the marble steps, slowly. I think he had just watered the schrubs in the area before he left. Spraying the marble. And wet marble plus three inch heels equals bad idea. Not the winning combination at all.

We reached the car. And I wasn't trying to sound high maitnence, but it was quite run down. Rusty, falling apart, and rickety. Not at all what I wanted to be riding in, but it was Ryland. So, I kept my month shut. "Um, welcome to the crap mobile." Ryland said while opening the door. Probably reading my mind, but the chilvary was appreciated. When the car was started, and we were backing out, Ryland passed me a rag. ""Thanks. It's nice." I told him lookind down at the grease stains. ""No it's not a gift. Cover your eyes." ""But, I want to know where we're going." ""Well, it's a suprise." And with that we were off. Driving to an un known location in a crappy car. Twisting and turning. I was almost feeling like I was about to gag. He turned up the music so loud that it was hard to hear myselft think clearly. Why were we not at a sit down dinner with a three course meal? I felt the car take sharp turns left and right. My body slammping against the door. Hitting the console with my elbow as I searched for a place to put my arm. This was not my idea of an ideal date, but here with Ryland, beat anything in my imagination.

Hoping you're all liking it. Of course, all the great twists are yet to come. I'm going to try to post a chapter every few days, because I start school this following week. So, let me know what you think. I love the comments.


  1. I really like it and I'm anticipating more. I love Ryland's character!


  2. I'm glad you like it so far. It's good to know you like Ry's character as well. I was going for that loveable guy thing! Good to know you're reading still. Thanks so much!