Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finally, Chapter 14!

As I ran to the car, a quick race with Ry, we backed out of the drive way and zoomed off, obviously not following the speed limit. I turned and looked at him. For the first time, I clearly noticed the find nooks, crannies, valleys, and hills of his face. A tired one at that. A classic worry line across his forehead. Lines of squinting, small crow's feet danced around his eyes. A little constalation of small yet noticeable freckles appeared on his nose and cheeks. The laugh lines around his mouth showing the happiness he found in his life. Not making him sound like a wrinkly old prune, but Ryland's face told a story. A story of a journey. That he had begun in previous years, and would be on for the rest of his life.
"Hello? Mrs. Day Dream? Anybody home?" My obvious train of thought was interuped by Ryland waving a hand, which not being used for driving, in my face. ""Yeah, I'm here. Sorry." Was all I could say back. I didn't want to bring the night down, but Ryland had been through, truly, a lot in his life. "So, where we going?" I said to Ry, hoping to bring the mood up a bit. ""I was going to suprise you, but that would require putting on the blind fold that I left in my grandmothers kitchen... So I don't think that's in the works. You've got two opitions though. Or, I mean you can pick too. But, I was thinking two things. If, that is, you want to know what I was thinking." Ryland ranted twoards me. He knew it wouldn't matter to me. But, I just thought a second. Where would any other date take me to a late dinner. Steak houses, Italian bistros, Japanese sushi places. But, with Ryland I would be happy just hopping through a drive-thru. And sharing an extra large order of fries. However, I didn't want Ryland to think he had to impress me. I mean, he obviously didn't becaues he took me to his grandmothers, right? What am I saying? This is his way of being super sweet, and I appreciated it. I left the silence hang heavy in the air, like a thick grey fog. Until I knew what to say. ""Yeah, Ry. What ever you want. I don't care." Not the sweet and adorable answer I wanted to give him. More of a mopy dud date. Perfect, he's probably pissed. I just looked out the window. Hoping he didn't notice me.
We were pulling into the gas station of the local quick stop gas station. Maybe he was just filling the gas tank. Yeah, that's what I thought he was doing. Until he came and opened up my side of the car. "Come on. I have an idea." He told me. A little more excited than I thought. Not to sound like a priss, but I had always had been afraid of gas stations. They're known to be notriously dirty, and the people you'll run into inside one. Like I said, I didn't want to sound mean, but I just don't like gas stations. I looked over at Ry. He was so excited to be going inside the gas station. I mean, what was his deal? Was he out of gum, needed to, I hate to even think this, use the bath room, wanted a slurpee? We reached the door, which I, graciously, allowed Ry to open. No way I was touching that. But his smile, so alluring. I was willing to atleast give this a shot. "So my friend from the team is the manager here. Yeah shitty job. We won't get in trouble for this. But here's the game," Ryland began, handing me a ten dollar bill as he did continued. "We've each got ten dollars. You've cooked for yourself, or watched a chef cook, your whole life. As have I. We're going to run around this place. Getting the cream of the crop ingredients. Picking out the most, let's say, orignial ideas. You've gotta pick out your stuff. Then pay for it. All under ten dollars remember? They've got mircowaves. Hot places. And a fridge. Then, we're cooking a meal for each other. Who ever finishes first, gives the loser a kiss. Deal?" He was so excited. How could I turn that down? ""You're on." Short and sweet. Easy enough response. I ran through the aisles. What could I possibly cook here? I didn't see Ryland any where. Where had he gone? It wasn't what I needed to worry about now. I stormed around. and found my answer. I looked down at the shiny case of bagles. A breakfast sandwich. One of the only things I knew how to cook. I ran over grabbed the eggs. Cheese. Ketchup. And mirowaveable sausage. Not my best, but it would be good for today. I also grabbed a childs size carton of orange juice. A complete meal now. This was quite the convience store they've got. Put the bagle and crew on the counter and paid. A total of seven-forty. Pefect. I took the eggs over the hot plate. I've never fried an egg on a hot plate before, so this would be an experiance. After about eight minutes of an atempt to fry the egg, it was a little burnt, but the sandwhich wouldn't suffer. I toasted the bagle, put the egg, ketchup, sausage which I mircowaved twice before I got it right, and cheese. Grabbed a napkin and the O.J. and walked my sandwich over to Ry. "Here you go sir. Looks like I finished first." I looked down at the set up Ryland had made. Not a gas station feast, but a steak dinner. Candle light and all. In a gas station, but it was heart felt. I sat down and stared at him. "You cheated." ""It's for you. I mean, I used my allowence, but this is for you. But I still want your sand which. But, eat with me El. Please?" ""Of course I will." The dinner was adorable. Ry got me to cook so he could pick up our dinner. And yes, we were eating in the corner of the shop, near the drink section. But it was so cute. I couldn't help it. Our night was filled with converstaion. Blurps of our lives, funny stories, and laughter. I had hated gas stations at the beginning of the night, but now, I loved them. As the night ended. We had to leave the gas station, closing time. I felt a pain of saddness come over me. I didn't want to leave him.
As we were driving home. I could feel Ry trying to make some conversation, turning down the music, the whole nine yards. I didn't want to talk thought, I felt sad I didn't want to talk. I was upset. He was beginning to huff and puff, frustration filling up the car. I just wanted this night to not end. It was perfect. Besides for the 18 missed calls I had recieved from Emilee. Not my top priority. I just stared out the window. Hoping time would slow down.
Then, I saw our car pulling off the road. On the shoulder of a road. Cars flying by. I couldn't help my self but ask. ""What are you doing?" I asked with a bit more tone than either of us expected. ""I was just about to ask you the same thing." Ryland said back to me. Clever. The Ryland I knew. He took off his belt and turned to me. Looked me straight in the eyes. Held my hands. "El, what's wrong? I mean you were so... you. At my grandma's. But, then we get in the car. And, you're like distant. So, what's wrong? Please, tell me." He practically just begged me to tell him. But, nothing was wrong. I had to dig with in myself to find something to say. I wasn't going to lie. But, this was how I wanted to feel. I looked down at the floor and started to say "I just don't want tonight to end. And I want to know where we're going. And I'm just attached to you, and you're siblings. They're so little and so small. And, I just want to be with you." I left that statement just for him to take his own way. When I looked up. Ryland was outside the car. Standing there taking off his shirt. On the shoulder of the road. With cars whizzing past. I opened my car door, and stepped to my safer side of the road. Walking in my heels had begun to hurt actually. ""What are you doing now?!" I asked worried and angry. I looked around and all I saw was a fence to a yard possibly. With enormous houses in the back round. No answer. He just looked me straight in the eyes as he ripped of shoes and socks and threw me his shirt. Where was he going? "Ryland! Where are you going?" I wanted to know where he was going. He simply walked over to a fence and climbed over it. On the other side, I saw Ryland reappear near the fence. His head on the top of it smiling. Only to be shown when cars drove by and lit up his face with their bright head lights. I didn't know where he wanted me to go. Where ever he was, wasn't where I thought he should be. But, even if what he was doing was illegal, I wanted to be where he was. With him. For now. And, even, forever.

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  1. It was great! Can't wait for more. I know what you mean about school!


  2. Thanks, glad you keep coming back for more =]